Upcoming Meetings

NEXT MEETING IS: FEBRUARY 16, 2017 AT 7:00 P.M.  We are happy to announce that our speaker for the next meeting will be Jon Wood.  Jon Wood will be giving a presentation on Oklahoma’s Premier Smallmouth River, the Illinois River.  Topics will include public access, species identification, proper wading gear, techniques for both fly rod and spinning gear, kayaking tips and pointers, reading the water, lure selection, as well as ethics and conservation.

Jon Wood is a long time angler who has a passion for fishing Ozark creeks and rivers.  Some say he’s actually 1/27th smallmouth on his mother’s side.  When he’s not fishing, he’s helping out with litter clean up efforts alongside the Oklahoma River Warriors or talking ethics and conservation with fellow anglers.

Oklahoma FlyFishers meet at Zarrow Regional Library in Tulsa.

We hope you will plan to attend the February meeting!  If you haven’t paid your membership dues, we ask that you do that soon.  Our treasurer will be at the next meeting collecting dues.

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